General Information including sales and customer support:

Eltech Investments Limited
Stand 14674 Inner Ring Road
P.O. Box 34701,
Lusaka, Zambia.

Tel: +26 (0) 2118 46048



ELTECH is among the leading EPC contractors and suppliers in Zambia's electrical infrastructure market, and our main goal is to provide the best customer service possible.

From a solid and competitive position based on over two decades of experience, we have developed a strong reputation for growth, innovation and flexibility by anticipating and meeting the ever more complex demands of our customers and the ever-changing business environment.

Our success owes much to the experience gained from our large installed base of electrical equipment and systems country-wide ranging from large industrial power transmission and distribution systems to various other end-user installations.

ELTECH supplies and also distributes on behalf of a number of manufacturers in Europe, America and Asia. This includes a complete range of equipment, systems and services for the transmission and distribution of electricity from power plants to large businesses and various other end users. We also facilitate both mainstream and new renewable energy sectors.

Other business areas include civil engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial transportation.